On behalf of the Asian Peasant Coalition (APC), we convey our sincere congratulations to the Nepali people for the tremendous victory of the CPN (Maoist) in the elections of the Constituent Assembly held last April 10, 2008.  Through the elections, the people of Nepal decisively favored the leading role of the CPN (Maoist) to halt the monarchy and lead the people to a democratic republic.

We hope for the CPN (Maoist) more success in carrying out basic democratic reforms in order to stop oppression and exploitation, especially feudalism, caste-ism, women’s oppression and ethnic discrimination.  The peasantry must benefit from genuine land reform and be empowered to defend and advance their economic and social gains. Further, the alliance of the working class and the peasantry need to strengthen as the foundation of a broader alliance to unite and mobilize the entire people of Nepal .

We are confident that the Nepali people under the leadership of the CPN (Maoist) will bring about a new Nepal having complete national freedom, social justice, economic advancement, a nationalistic culture and international solidarity for peace and development against imperialism, feudalism and unjust wars.

Long live international solidarity!
Resist Imperialist Globalization and Plunder!
Onward the Struggle for Genuine Agrarian Reform and Food Sovereignty!

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